The Price Of Fame

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The last few days bring with them the clear feeling: Dov Hanin and Ir are all at the center of the election campaign in Tel Aviv. Dov Hanin is the subject. That’s great, of course. And this necessitates, inevitably, that some of the reference be negative. there’s nothing to do. So get a gut feeling: In the time left until the election, it’s going to get harder.

And here’s a message to any supporter who may feel bad about one item or another: not only is this the price, it’s a good price to pay. It will be called a trend, populism, a whim, that everyone will have health – but this organic mass movement that arose in Tel Aviv took a leap and stood at the center of the discourse, at the forefront of the debate. We’re what’s going on here. If at first we were ignored, right now we are in the middle of focus. Whether in rage or joy, everyone feels it.

And we’re going to do it.


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