Look what a disgust

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Apparently the panic had taken over the staff of at least one of the other mayoral candidates. Here’s a flyer that rolled into our hands after it left the printing house. It’s not clear who exactly ordered this sub-level, but if they had to go down so low, then they’re probably really scared.

A small but substantial update: this proclamation was rolled out to us in the form of a sheet from the printing house, meaning that the name of the printing house was written on it. Why does it matter? Because according to the election law, propaganda that no one has signed is forbidden. By law, the printing house is supposed to say who ordered this work from him. So if there are lawyers in the world, and I realized there are, we should soon know who is responsible for this thing. Proceedings may even be instituted against him. Pretty fun, truth be told.

Here is the signature of the printing house: Emanuel printing house from Rishon Lezion.


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