The departure from the holidays and the beginning of the so-called “last line” was expected to bring with it an increase in the interest that people are discovering in the elections. Expected, and yet, what’s been happening since Tuesday, since the artists’ video came up ” This is not my city ,” is madness.

Sitidav, which usually brings in 300-350 people a day, has brought an average of 850 people a day since Tuesday, over 4,000 people. I realized that the jump on the “City for All of Us” website is similar in its rate.

More than 800 of the people who came to us in these five days came through a Google search for “Dov Hanin”. An increase of hundreds of percent from what it was a minute before the video. This means that people hear from friends that there is such a thing, and they want to know more.

An insane amount of “heavy” articles and posts have been written about Dov and “A City for All of Us.” For positive or negative it is less than a year, because our game is to reach as many people as possible. The more people hear this buzz of Dov Hanin, of a real alternative to the rat, the more they will come out of their despair and vote. Among the columns and articles are:

Avirma Golan in Haaretz – 155 talkbacks!
Gidi Weinisch at Walla – 130 talkbacks
Sharon Kantor at Walla – 100 talkbacks
Refresh almond in coffee . Although not a major media outlet, he writes from the depths of the ratings – almost 1,500 views and over forty talkbacks in less than a day.
I do not know how much you understand the meaning of these numbers. In the last election Huldai took 63 percent of the vote, but actually brought in only 56,000 voters . The latest polls, all conducted before the current wave, predict that 41% to 34% of voters will vote for Huldai. We are on the verge of a second round, and every voter, and certainly a thousand voters, can tip the scales in favor of such a round, where all the cards have already been re-shuffled. Getting thousands in a week of thousands of exposures to the fact that we are here as an alternative to the rat, it’s amazing. This will make the field work more efficient, it will increase the chance that whoever already supports will feel there is a reason for his vote, and will vote on 11.11. It was an amazing week for our campaign. I wish next week would be even more amazing.