Hello! So you want more information on microphones? You’ve come to the right place. If for some reason you don’t know what a microphone is, they record absolutely any audio you can make. The closer to the microphone you record, the mores present the tones will be. Selection of microphone for karaoke machine is really like a hard decision. But it’s not always that simple. The microphone always records the tones and reflections in the room you record in. So the room you record in is also part of the audio you record.

When you start using boutique quality microphones, you’ll be shocked at all the extraneous noise that’s in your rooms. Always try to get the best possible signal to noise ratio you can. It can be very hard to take out unwanted noise, and most times you’ll have to sacrifice tone just to get rid of it. Generally, the most expensive a microphone the more accurately it will capture every detail you throw at it. Which can be both a good and a bad thing. There are many ways to improve your signal to noise ratio, most of which include moving the microphone around until you get the perfect spot.

One thing you can’t overlook is vintage microphones. In many studios to this day, vintage decades old microphones are the choice for recording nearly anything. Many recently manufactured microphones try to emulate the vintage tone heard on old microphones, and nearly all of them fail. That isn’t to say new microphones don’t have their place, but it is important to note that new microphone designs are not necessarily superior to old ones. Trying to figure out what microphone to use can be very frustrating, and the most important thing to remember is that there are no absolutes when it comes to microphones. Let’s go over a few things to ease you into the process of microphone selection.

First, having a huge array of microphones can be good but it is much better to be able to use one microphone properly. One microphone with proper usage can yield many uses for many situations. By the same token, using one very good microphone improperly will just cause frustration and be counter productive. It all comes to experimenting and using your ear objectively. Cost wise, being able to use a cheap microphone properly will often sound better than using an expensive microphone improperly. So don’t be fooled into thinking expense will solve your audio problems.

The most important thing to remember is you need to research, experiment, use your ear, and be objective. Once again, there’s no absolutes when it comes to microphones.

Many people suffer from digestive problems, such as diarrhoea, nausea, acid reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Chron’s Disease. Cannabis grown from cannabis seeds can help anxiety and relieve the symptoms of these conditions. Licensed growers of medical marijuana purchase marijuana seeds for sale because they know that the herb can treat a number of health issues, including digestive problems.

How does cannabis help with digestive problems? In general, marijuana is used medically because it is a versatile medicine that can alleviate numerous symptoms created by a variety of diseases and health conditions. Basically, it changes how the brain communicates with the body.

Specific to intestinal issues, the chemical compound cannabinoid found in marijuana binds with cannabinoid receptors found in the body’s digestive tract and have the following results: reducing inflammation, increasing nerve-muscle coordination, relieving spasms that cause nausea and discomfort and relaxing muscles, acting as analgesia and reducing the urge to vomit.

For example, nausea is caused by a self-feedback body mechanism that starts with dizziness, which then creates tension and fear, and then more dizziness. Cannabis helps to disable this feedback mechanism.

People with IBS and other serious intestinal conditions have found that medical cannabis can provide them with relief from their devastating and potentially crippling symptoms. Ulcerative colitis is the inflammation of the lining of the large intestine, and Crohn’s disease is the inflammation of walls/lining of the small and/or large intestines. Both conditions bring pain and cramps, and other serious symptoms.

The cannabinoids in cannabis can relax contractions of intestinal muscles, and control inflammation in the area. Cannabinoids can also decrease fluid secretion by the stomach area, which can greatly reduce the incidents of ulcers. Users of medical cannabis from cannabis seeds can bring relief in a way that other medications have not been able to, and also means that patients may be able to avoid surgery or hospitalization.

As a pain reliever, medical cannabis is very effective for gastrointestinal suffers and lacks the side effects that come with prescription medication. Such serious side effects can include high blood pressure, heartburn, constipation, liver and bone marrow toxicity, vomiting, heart palpitations, seizures, unusual bleeding, blurred vision, numbness, fainting, swelling, sores in the mouth, headaches, cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, anaemia, congestive heart failure in susceptible individuals, cataracts and intraocular pressure increases, impotence, dyspepsia and rashes, to name just a few. These side effects can be serious, more serious than the condition that the medication is originally intended to treat, which makes medical cannabis grown from cannabis seeds even more attractive as a treatment option for IBS and other digestive disorders.

  Side effects

cannabis seeds should be used carefully, as marijuana use can have side effects, and patients should be sure to follow their doctors’ prescribed dosages of cannabis. It rarely happens, but cannabis from cannabis seeds can cause emotional changes and negative effects on the respiratory system. Frequent users may also develop a dependence on cannabis, and its use can be addictive and detrimental to daily productivity and relationships with others. Other minor problems with coordination can also happen to users of cannabis, and hypotension, or low blood pressure, can also come about when using cannabis.

Medical users of cannabis seeds for sale should be careful of the increase in appetite and weight gain that often comes with marijuana use. Cannabis is known to cause the “munchies”, and therefore, users should be careful to satisfy their cravings not from eating junk food, but by eating healthier snacks and meals. Fruits, vegetables, quality sources of protein and organic over processed should be selected over chips, candy, ice cream and other starch- and carb- and fat-rich foods.

Cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds for sale allow medical users to experience a decrease in their digestive tract systems and discomfort, reducing problems with vomiting, ulcers, diarrhoea, constipation, and basic bad gas. While using cannabis, patients should also engage in healthy activities to boost the effects. These include eating healthy and fresh, organic foods, avoiding junk foods, engaging in meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga and exercise and avoiding coffee and other caffeine products. An overall health regime along with the medical use of cannabis seeds can greatly increase the quality of life for those suffering from digestive issues.

Dental care begins from the very first months of baby’s life. So it is very important to pay a special attention even to your baby’s gums and to care for them properly. In time, when the teeth will appear, they will need to be cared even if they are milk teeth and the baby will not stay long with them.

Normally, the baby’s gums are very painful when the first teeth begin to come out, so it’s recommended to read byte review and also treat this displeasure which your baby has. So, it’s recommended to give your baby to chew a cold object. Still, it would be good to be careful at the temperature in order to avoid the cold.

Soak a piece of cotton in cold water and then give it to your baby to chew. In this way, the discomfort at the gums’ level will disappear in a short time. Repeat this process any time your baby’s gums are inflamed. But if the pains don’t go away with this method, ask you pediatrician to recommend you a special gel for this problem.

Dental care

You don’t have to wait for all the teeth to come out before you can start to offer the right hygiene.  It’s good to start the care even from the first tooth’s arrival. It’s not the case to buy another tooth brush. The cleaning can be done daily with the help of a piece of cotton soaked in warm water.

When more and more teeth are coming out in your baby’s mouth, it’s good to go shopping for a tooth brush and paste. Choose a brush as colored as you can and maybe, one which has a handle on which to be present one of his favorite cartoons character. The market offers a big variety of such products, so you will definitely find the right brush.

Also, it is recommended to choose a children special made tooth paste. If you don’t know what to choose, it would be best to call the doctor who is looking after your child or to ask at a pharmacy.

Brush every morning and evening his teeth and transform this habit into a pleasant moment, into a play. It is very possible that your little one does not accept at first the idea of brushing his teeth, reason for the parents to be examples for him. Take your child with you in the bathroom when you brush your teeth and show him how much you enjoy the sensation which this little moment of spoil gives you.

Be careful and teach your baby never to swallow the tooth paste.

Visit to the dentist

It would be good to inspire him from the beginning with the idea that going to the dentist is a necessity which could help him get things done. Talk to him about caries and the awful pains which have the ones who don’t properly care for their teeth.

Attention!Don’t even jokingly suggest to him the fact that h e should be afraid of the dentist. Just tell him that the dentist is the person who takes care of the teeth of good children and helps them to have beautiful and healthy teeth.

White and Bright Smile Naturally

So we all want that perfect crest commercial smile. Sometimes it can come at a costly price! Not only can it hurt the pocket book, but so many whitening products have such harsh chemicals that can actually do more harm to the enamel on your teeth then good. From the candid reviews, we have get that the most whitening strips are NOT approved by the F.D.A. We do not want that!


Strawberries might not seem like the most obvious choice for dental health. However, these juicy little berries contain malic acid, which is a wonderful whitening agent. Plus they have vitamin C which helps whiten your teeth by removing plaque. That being said, they do also contain sugar. It is great for brightening up your smile but you will need to brush your teeth after your finished!

Baking Soda

Let’;;s not underestimate our second ingredient, baking soda. It not only helps create a base for this mixture, it helps to scrub off the stains. The baking soda crystals are softer then the tooth’;;s outer layers so they do not scratch the enamel. And because these crystals dissolve so quickly in water, they can penetrate deeper into the enamel and get into those hard to reach places.

Try it!

When I first came across this recipe for an all natural tooth whitener, I was skeptical but very excited. I tried it right away and I have been hooked ever since! It is a safe, inexpensive, natural alternative to traditional whitening options. Give it a try!

You will need:

1 ripe strawberry
1/2 tea spoon baking soda
small cup/container to mix

Smash the strawberry in cup/container. Add in the baking soda and mix until blended. Using your toothbrush, apply mixture to your teeth generously. Let set for 5-8 min. Rinse. DISCARD any unused mixture. You can use this as often as you like.

Give this a try. Your smile will thank you!

Thinking of Tel Aviv, the picture that conjures up in the head would be that of the pristine beaches and the encrusted pitta bread stuffed with falafel. The breeze in the scalding heats make for a bearable climate, and as the people ride the electric scooters and drink on the streets, a completely new vibe transpires. When all these interesting wallows in the sun make the city a nice place to be in, the British Ambassador’s official residence turn it out into a more seductive scene. The twist that occurred in May 2019 was an event that will go down in the history of the city. A crowd of well-dressed individuals flocked in at the Ramat Gan district for a reason.

The Massive Crowd

UK’s Eurovision contestant, Michael Rice was performing all day to entertain the guests. Local drag queens were also offering the guests a good time with their performances; the cards and fish and chips kept the guests a lot more active than they had imagined. Eurovision has been popular within the gay community, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the crowd was so huge. The vast festival that was open to everyone featured bars, food stalls, installations, funfair rides, and other activities. For everyone who wished to tap their foot, the huge stage was a platform where they could gather. Everyone went berserk as the stage was set on fire with the music, though there was heavy security that seemed to be unobtrusive. It was after a few hours that the major event of the day took place; something that no one was expecting.

UK’s Eurovision contestant

The Political Significance

A group of five youngsters entered the festival with the intention to save a community. They had planned to play a video while the concert was at its peak, and it was all about the ‘Free the Gaza ghetto’ movement. The banner and the message were apparently from the Palestinians to Eurovision. Ronja was one among those youngsters who arrived at the concert, and she was an international activist who took the flight for this event alone. The Israeli government had pledged to keep out all those who enter the country for the purpose of disrupting the Eurovision Song Contest, but Ronja made a move regardless of this pledge.

Attention was to be diverted with this activity of theirs because they firmly believed that Israel used LGBTQ rights and music to cloud the military occupation. Any such organized event was to be disrupted to raise awareness among the public. Ronja didn’t want everyone to party in the Tel Aviv while Gaza was under siege, and that led to the massive crowd’s uproar. She didn’t want the hypocrisy to thrive in the state when there were more important matters to go to the table. Such concerts and parties may feel like a paradise to many, but most of them are hosted at a price by leaving many others to struggle.

Look, it’s very beautiful what we’ve done here so far. Really, very beautiful. The people from “City for All of Us” are very appreciative, giving our effort credit that you do not believe. We have reached a situation where a second round is really within reach , when it is clear that if there is such a round a bear rises to face a rat. That’s all we’ve been dreaming about at this point.

But that will only happen if on election day the last mega-push is given . This will only happen if on election day we see a presence on the streets. This will only happen if on election day we have representatives at all the polling stations in the city. This will only happen if we monitor the counting of votes.

So from today we start busy preparing for Election Day. Every few days we give here the mast update from “City for All of Us”, and maybe we will think of something of our own, so that on the day of an order we will know what needs to be done to pass the big test of bringing tens of thousands of people to the polls.

So let’s start from the beginning: volunteering through “A City for All of Us”

The movement says that although they already have a fair amount of volunteers for the various activities of Election Day, they still lack a lot more. So whoever is interested, here is what you need to know:

You can join through one of the following phones: 078-818-4010 / 11/12/13

Or through the following page on the “City for All of Us” website:

Or via the following email:

Even if you did not join, starting today , there will be training evenings for volunteers , which will take place at the studio theater on Rabbi Kook Street, Kerem Hatyemanim.
You can choose one day from the following:

Today! Sunday, 2.11, at 20:00 – Heart activists and other polling station observers who have already been assigned to this date.

Monday, 3.11, at 20:00 – Old North activists and other polling station observers who have already been assigned to this date.

Tuesday, 4.11, at 20:00 – Activists from the Yarkon and Florentine past and other polling station observers assigned to this date

On Thursday, November 5, 2008, a similar meeting will be held at the headquarters of the southern neighborhoods. Details at City – for All of Us Election Headquarters.

In the coming days we will continue to update. Come on good luck

The departure from the holidays and the beginning of the so-called “last line” was expected to bring with it an increase in the interest that people are discovering in the elections. Expected, and yet, what’s been happening since Tuesday, since the artists’ video came up ” This is not my city ,” is madness.

Sitidav, which usually brings in 300-350 people a day, has brought an average of 850 people a day since Tuesday, over 4,000 people. I realized that the jump on the “City for All of Us” website is similar in its rate.

More than 800 of the people who came to us in these five days came through a Google search for “Dov Hanin”. An increase of hundreds of percent from what it was a minute before the video. This means that people hear from friends that there is such a thing, and they want to know more.

An insane amount of “heavy” articles and posts have been written about Dov and “A City for All of Us.” For positive or negative it is less than a year, because our game is to reach as many people as possible. The more people hear this buzz of Dov Hanin, of a real alternative to the rat, the more they will come out of their despair and vote. Among the columns and articles are:

Avirma Golan in Haaretz – 155 talkbacks!
Gidi Weinisch at Walla – 130 talkbacks
Sharon Kantor at Walla – 100 talkbacks
Refresh almond in coffee . Although not a major media outlet, he writes from the depths of the ratings – almost 1,500 views and over forty talkbacks in less than a day.
I do not know how much you understand the meaning of these numbers. In the last election Huldai took 63 percent of the vote, but actually brought in only 56,000 voters . The latest polls, all conducted before the current wave, predict that 41% to 34% of voters will vote for Huldai. We are on the verge of a second round, and every voter, and certainly a thousand voters, can tip the scales in favor of such a round, where all the cards have already been re-shuffled. Getting thousands in a week of thousands of exposures to the fact that we are here as an alternative to the rat, it’s amazing. This will make the field work more efficient, it will increase the chance that whoever already supports will feel there is a reason for his vote, and will vote on 11.11. It was an amazing week for our campaign. I wish next week would be even more amazing.

Apparently the panic had taken over the staff of at least one of the other mayoral candidates. Here’s a flyer that rolled into our hands after it left the printing house. It’s not clear who exactly ordered this sub-level, but if they had to go down so low, then they’re probably really scared.

A small but substantial update: this proclamation was rolled out to us in the form of a sheet from the printing house, meaning that the name of the printing house was written on it. Why does it matter? Because according to the election law, propaganda that no one has signed is forbidden. By law, the printing house is supposed to say who ordered this work from him. So if there are lawyers in the world, and I realized there are, we should soon know who is responsible for this thing. Proceedings may even be instituted against him. Pretty fun, truth be told.

Here is the signature of the printing house: Emanuel printing house from Rishon Lezion.

The last few days bring with them the clear feeling: Dov Hanin and Ir are all at the center of the election campaign in Tel Aviv. Dov Hanin is the subject. That’s great, of course. And this necessitates, inevitably, that some of the reference be negative. there’s nothing to do. So get a gut feeling: In the time left until the election, it’s going to get harder.

And here’s a message to any supporter who may feel bad about one item or another: not only is this the price, it’s a good price to pay. It will be called a trend, populism, a whim, that everyone will have health – but this organic mass movement that arose in Tel Aviv took a leap and stood at the center of the discourse, at the forefront of the debate. We’re what’s going on here. If at first we were ignored, right now we are in the middle of focus. Whether in rage or joy, everyone feels it.

And we’re going to do it.

Avirma Golan published an article in Haaretz today entitled “Not really for all of us.”

Through the slit opened by the artists’ video for Hanin , Golan breaks into a show of shaky press, using facts-non-facts to explain why “City for All of Us” is a sectoral phenomenon at best, and delusional at worst.

Among other things, Golan writes that “A City for All of Us” focuses on the “urgent needs of one group while turning its back on the general public in Tel Aviv” (really? Is public transportation only for young people? Housing problems do not apply to people in south Tel Aviv and the elderly in key apartments ?), Or that “after twenty years of negative immigration, positive immigration is recorded, especially of families” (literally. In reality, positive immigration is of twenty-year-olds who are willing to live in huts as long as it is close to the university, and of 55-year-olds who come from Herzliya to spend their days . among those aged 30-45 enrolled continuous negative migration in the city. the young families are fleeing from Tel Aviv. or rather, she smuggles them), or “the mayor was able to at least open routes, encourage the allocation of bike paths (definitely just a shame that despite pleas Ministry of transport, Huldai has not opened any lane for public transportation during his current term .And it’s a shame his bike lanes areClearly non-components ).

Golan also enters the platform of “A City for All of Us”. In fact, the “platform” of a city should be written for all of us, because there is no connection between what it attributes to the movement and Dov Hanin and what the movement says. Golan writes, “But ‘A City for All of Us’ wants more, and in fact wants everything: that there will be no towers [ incorrect – ZB] but that there will be lots of apartments, that there will be public transportation but that they will not be fined for parking [ incorrect ], and especially L. We will all ‘have beautiful apartments, like the rich [only if the rich now live in two-and-a-half or three-room apartments ] “.

And it does not end here, and there is plenty of other nonsense (or maybe say lies, I’m not sure anymore) but I will stop the specific slap, because Golan is not alone. It is part of such a strange wave, of prominent leftists, entering “A City for All of Us” and Dov Hanin. And there is a lot in common in their critique, and from my point of view, there is a lot in common in the place that led them to voice the critique.

By and large, Golan’s criticism, as well as Nissim Calderon’s article in a week ago on Ynet , is that the whole “city for all of us” issue is not a serious buzz. This is the new “retirees”, something that young people go for simply out of fatigue from the current political game. Something that smells of populism, superficiality, false messianism. The desperate youngsters have found them some icon to worship, some empty mantra to mumble, and now it’s becoming a serious matter, so let’s get really serious, disperse the demonstration, and come home, let the big ones run things.

For Calderon, this fear of the movement that was born for her as if out of nowhere raises the demand to connect with the current left. “A serious left-wing list should be a continuation and development of many parties and youth movements and organizations […] the left is a tradition.” For Golan, this appears as a statement (again, clearly false ) that “‘A City for All of Us’ emphasizes that it is an apolitical movement. Instead of acting within politics, it prefers to express a heartbeat.” Golan goes on to claim that heart murmurs are well-known appellants of democratic proceedings.

When I read these articles I was furious. Not because I thought they could really hurt our chances of changing the way urban politics is conducted, but because of the terrible opacity of the two writers. Neither Calderon nor Golan bothered, who as a journalist and who as a leftist and an academic, to enter the “City for All of Us” website and check what the movement really says . After all, they would find there mountains of letters and words, program upon program, detailed at a level that any political media consultant would seek to cut to one-tenth. Everything is so intelligent, responsible, that it rejects any statement of populism immediately. Any more questions? Both Calderon and Golan could easily have reached a phone call or a meeting with Dov Hanin, or with any of the movement’s representatives and spokesmen.

But they did not bother. both. They closed their eyes, imagined something in their hearts, and then slammed it in their articles. If there is anything new, and he declares himself to be different from the old, then he must be delusional. You have to wait, the two veteran leftists tell us. Calderon asks that no movement be built that also contains Likud members, have mercy on Tzelen. Golan suggests that no change be made in Tel Aviv so that it will not be really attractive to young people from Sderot or Kiryat Shmona and these will leave en masse.

What are they talking about? After all, “A City for All of Us” and Dov Hanin’s candidacy come against the background of a huge rift in the Zionist left. Meretz has not been able to define itself for more than a decade. The Labor Party is going to shrink to the size of a Rabin-era Meretz. The stuttering, the loss of the road, the loss of public trust, these did not happen because the public was disgusted, but because of severe ideological problems of these parties.

And all this is happening against the background of a global mental-political renaissance. It has been almost ten years since Seattle , which first grouped the social with the environmental with the gender. Ten years of global political thought, which with the help of the internet has become a flood of information and knowledge exchange. Today, a political movement in Israel can come and present successful examples from around the world for correcting social, environmental, and economic problems. One can say “ curitiba ” and prove the efficiency of a cheap mass transportation system and its economic impact on the city. One can talk about healthy metropolitan areas as a real option for population prosperity. One can ask what the future of Israeli cities looks like, given the fact that about 90% of the Israeli population lives in cities. In the United States, a candidate with such advanced thinking came to almost a presidency ( tap-tap-tap ).

Everything is possible, but no one really does. The left that Calderon and Golan want to visit is a lost, paralyzed left. And we will not wait for him. We know what we want for ourselves and for our fellow residents (and also our fellow citizens, but these are municipal elections), and we’re pretty sure we know how to get it. We are not interested in Mapainiks with a general past who will lead us towards a depreciating path while you try to understand who is against whom. We insist on pointing out the problems we see in front of us and insist on working to solve them. We have no real need for your approval, “Or on the label of the ‘serious bunch’ you are issuing. We will be content with making the talented legislator in Israel mayor, so that he and his movement can improve life in this city.